The Departure Of Prince Siddhartha

Prince Sidhharth’s father, the king, was determined that his son becomes a great ruler and tried to shield Prince Siddhartha from harsh realities of life. However, Siddhartha understood sufferings to be an inevitable part of life. Siddhartha was filled with a sense of urgency to find out what lay at the root of human suffering. One night, while everyone in the palace was sleeping, Siddhartha asked Chhandak to prepare his horse, Kanthaka. While waiting, he entered the room where his wife Yasodhara and newborn son Rahula slept. Filled with loving-kindness, he pledged to return to them after his quest to understand the nature of suffering and how to escape from it, was over. Under the cover of night, Prince Siddhartha mounted Kanthaka and, accompanied by Chhandak, left the city of Kapilavastu. He was 29-year-old at that time. At a river some distance from the city, he shed his rich attire and donned the robes of a monk. He then instructed Chhandak to return with the horse to the palace. Though at first resistant, Chhandak and Kanthaka eventually complied with Siddhartha's orders. As the prince walked out of sight, Chhandak and Kanthaka watched with tears in their eyes. Overwhelmed with sorrow, Kanthaka's heart gave out, and he died on the spot

Dr. Archana Srivastava