Krishna - The Saviour

During the episode of Shishupala-vadha, when Krishna's finger got hurt by Sudarshan Chakra, Draupadi had torn off a part of her sari to tie the piece of cloth on his bleeding finger. A grateful Krishna promised to Draupadi that He would return the favour at an appropriate moment.

Later on, when Yudhishthir lost his four brothers and Draupadi to Duryodhana in a game of dice and Duhshasan dragged a wailing Draupadi to the Royal Court and started disrobing her, Krishna in response to Draupadi’s prayer, came to her rescue and made her saree seemingly endless which caused Duhshasan to give up out of sheer fatigue. Thus Lord Krishna, the ultimate saviour, saved Draupadi’s dignity.

Dr. Archana Srivastava