Birth of Prince Siddhartha

Queen Maya of the Sakya clan had a dream of a snow-white elephant entering her right side. Soothsayers predicted that she would conceive a special prince, and indeed, she got pregnant. While on her way to her homeland to give birth, Queen Maya stopped at a beautiful forest called Lumbini. While she stood upright and held onto the branch of a sal tree (in the posture adopted by mothers of all buddhas), the child came forth from under her right arm. The newborn Prince took seven steps, and at each step, a lotus flower bloomed to receive his feet. At the last step, the Prince declared himself as the ‘Honoured One’ between heaven and earth. He was named Sidhharth and at the time of his birth, seers foretold that he would either become a great king or an enlightened teacher.

Dr. Archana Srivastava